Hi, I'm Chris and if you're a local business owner, I want to welcome you home.

I founded RBM after spending a decade working in corporate marketing and, in my off-time watching my favorite local business falter. They were great at making their product or service, and they were even great at selling it to a first time customer, but it left them with no time to focus on getting new clients in the door. This meant their business was always 1 day from having a major cash flow problem.

Sound like you?

Then let's get to work building a dynamic, scalable, and trackable plan to drive new clients to your business.

Your Digital Presence

RBM focuses on the digital services that bring you and your customers together, focusing on the aspects of digital market that reap true social connections and develop potential clients from foot traffic to warm leads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Local SEO

Currently, Local SEO is the backbone of having new customers find and learn about your business. Google has done a great job of giving local business owners tools to complete with larger businesses. Small business owners need to learn and leverage these tools to bring new customers in their door everyday, and RBM is here to help.                  

Social Media

Every local business owner knows that word of mouth is best marketing you can have for your business. Smart social media marketing doesn't just post pictures twice a week, it amplifies the current word of mouth that is happening in your community already. Let RBM show you how to leverage what people are already loving about your business.