Hi, I'm Chris and if you're a local business owner, I want to welcome you home.

I founded RBM after a decade of working with local businesses and local business associations. Regardless of the type of local business I worked with, they all shared the same problem. They were great at making their product or service, they were great at selling it, but it left them with no time to focus on getting new clients in the door, even if that door was virtual. Sound like you? Then let's get to work driving new clients to your business.


RBM focuses on the digital services that bring you and your customers together, focusing on the aspects of digital market that reap true social connections and develop potential clients to foot traffic and warm leads.

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but many small business owners are nervous to venture into the digital world. Going digital is easier than you think.


Construction is a unique industry in the digital world. Although some firms are taking advantage of the digital marketplace, many are not.