Hi. I’m Chris Romani, founder of
Romani Branding & Management.

​RBM was started after several of my colleagues and personal friends came to me with the same business problem. They loved their jobs, they loved what they did, but they were all dreading the amount of work it would take to build an online brand. Sound like you? If so, let me share with you some great news. If your putting in the hard work for your business now, you're already doing 80% of the work to show the world how great your brand is. Let me show you to how to do the other 20% in a smart effective way to start generating passive income and word of mouth for your company.


​​RBM focuses on the digital services that bring you and your customers together, focusing on the aspects of digital market that reap true social connections and develop potential clients to foot traffic and warm leads.

​Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but many small business owners are nervous to venture into the digital world. Going digital is easier than you think.


​Construction is a unique industry in the digital world. Although some firms are taking advantage of the digital marketplace, many are not.