What is Digital Marketing?

To us, digital marketing is simple. When you put forward an honest story to the right people, success happens. The trick is just telling the right story about to the right people. We call this thought leadership and is the basis of our marketing strategy.

Hi, my name's Chris and I'm the founder of Romani Branding and Management. Almost 10 years ago, I started helping local businesses find scalable solutions to their marketing problems.

Most businesses owners I met had limited budgets and we're risk adverse to marketing. I get it, many marketing efforts don't work. It may have been the marketing, or perhaps you got too busy, but at the end of the day, it was wasted money.

At the end of the day, local business owners need a scalable marketing solution, that can start small and grow with them. We find ways to start with small budgets, create business growth to create grow the marketing budget, creating a positive cycle of growth for local business owners.

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The backbone of our plan is thought leadership and our CRM, which allows you to see google, social medial, email, and text all in real time saving hours every week.

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