About Romani Branding & Management 

RBM was founded in 2018 to help local businesses develop advanced marketing strategies and then execute these plans with proven tactics. 

RBM starts by asking every business owner these 3 questions.


How does your business get a customer in your door the first time?

If your currently operating on the "Hope and Pray" method and you don't know how many new customers you had last month, then you need a trackable and scalable strategy for your business to ensure your successful growth.

What does your business do to ensure that a one time customer becomes a long term customer?

Many businesses are great at getting customers in for the first time, but what happens after they leave? Are they incentivized to come back or are you hoping for the best?

In a world where good product and service are the standard, how do you prioritize yourself to get your second visit?

How does your business make your best customers feel appreciated?

Today, most businesses are running some type of loyalty program, but rewarding your best clients is about more than them getting free points when they stop in. It's about letting them know that they, as people, are appreciate for the impact they are having on your business. 

For most local business owners, once these questions are answered, you have to develop tactics to complete them. Currently, this will be through Local SEO and Social Media Marketing. RBM has developed  5 tenets to follow to ensure success.

  • Acting like your customer is in the room - Small brands reflect the values of ownership, and you know what you and your business bring to the table. Digital and social media marketing should highlight these values to your customers.
  • Say something and say a lot - One of the challenges for many small business owners weighing their desire to craft a perfect message versus the desire to develop content. At RBM, we work to streamline this process to maximize your digital footprint.
  • Speak with your own voice - For small to medium sized businesses, authenticity is key. Developing your brand's voice is one of the key strategies to succeed in an ever crowded and changing digital market place. Let RBM work with your business to find it's voice.
  • Your clients are content creators - Unlike traditional marketing tactics, your clients will have experience in your digital pursuits. Many of them are small business owners or at the very least have their own social channels where they create their own content frequently. This puts a digital channels in a unique position to develop content that your biggest fans can expand upon.
  • Pick platforms that suite your brand - RBM finds that most small business owners are overwhelmed by the large number of platforms available for your business. While defining your band, we will work together to pick the most effective channels for your messaging.

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