RBM's Digital Presence Analysis

In 2018, we developed a unique Digital Presence Analysis to help local business owners understand where they stood compared to both their competitors and general best practice. This analysis is consistently updated to reflect best local marketing and social media practices. 

Your Digital Presence Analysis will contain information for you and 3 of your chosen competitors in the following areas.


Your website is the most important digital asset that you have full control over. It's your sign on the digital highway, but you need to make sure it points in the right direction.

RBM will review your website for best practices and show you how to develop channels to optimize driving customers to your door.

Search Engines

A search engine result is likely the first interaction your business will have with a customer and Google represents 92% of searches done today. RBM wants to ensure that your first impression is as good as possible.

RBM evaluates several search engine metrics to ensure that your being shown when your customers are ready to buy and if your not, we will let you know what you can do about.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing has the largest landscape of all local business marketing opportunities. Most local business owners are involved in Social Media and RBM is here to ensure that you are maximizing your ROI.

If you're not, RBM will give you the playbook and zones of opportunity for you to take advantage of and get new customers walking in your door tomorrow.

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