How Project Managers can assist their sales and marketing teams.

Looking back on my time in construction, one of the hardest parts of my job was getting non-marketers to engage in marketing activities. A colleague and I recently were discussing this topic and I found myself saying the following:

Now, of course, at RBM, I can control my company’s performance, but if you are sitting in a chair where you don’t control your project managers, this is a truism. You will never be able to have great relationships with clients if you are part of a company that does not perform.

That being said, you can work with your C-suite and project management team to assist you in your marketing and business development efforts. As always, if you’d like to listen along, you can find the video below.

The first thing you can ask them to do is Create B-roll footage. This is fairly straight forward. Ask other members of your company to take photos and video of things they find mundane. Your clients, particularly ones in construction, will be very interested to see this footage. Make sure project managers feel comfortable that this video will not be judge and the quality does not have the be perfect. It is up to the marketer to make this video impactful.

Next, ask your project managers to Take progression shots their projects. This can be simple as standing in one spot and snapping a picture every day, week, or month, depending on the project. An iPhone camera is perfectly good for any of these tasks. Again, remind your project managers that while they need to produce a decent picture, the goal is to create a great catalog for the marketing agents to draw from. If your job is to sit at a computer, take screenshots.

Third, you can ask your project managers to Help with simple marketing requests. If you are a project manager, this is often as simple as timely filling out a bio. Sharing company members have proven an effective strategy in the social media marketing world.

After that, Get involved in your community. Although these things can be added to bio, being involved in your community can often turn cold calls into warm leads. This can industry related, such as the Association of General Contractors if you work in construction, or unrelated such as a church group.

Next, Share your company’s social posts. This may seem obvious, but I’m going to break this down a bit. One of the most important things my PM’s could do is share my company’s social posts. Why? Because often times they have more connections to other project managers than I or the company do. And this isn’t just true of project managers. It’s also true of safety personnel, purchasing agents, and many more. Those connections are the decision makers the marketers are after.

For additional merit points, Add value to the posts that you share. Think about your latest project. How much more does the project manager know about it than anyone else in your company (even your CEO)? As a project manager, you have the ability to tell a great story about your job, or tag a member of the team that was really valuable. Although you should be doing this for the right reasons, one of the benefits is that these people will be more likely to share and comment on your posts, catapulting it to be seen by many others.

Hopefully, by applying these tips in your day to day or week to week schedule, you will add measurable value to your company and your bosses will notice.

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