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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key marketing strategy for local businesses. Let's face it, your single shop is never going to be on the first page of Google nationally, but Local SEO will give you the power to be in front of your customers for relevant buying keywords in your areawhich is when it matters most.

Since Google owns approximately 92 percent of online searches, Local SEO mostly consists of making sure your digital presence is found when potential customers search for you on Google. Fortunately, on top of having a well thought out webpage, Google has developed several tools to help local businesses succeed. In order to maximize your digital presence for Local SEO, your business needs to manage these 4 Digital Assets

Business Webpage

Your webpage is one of your key digital assets, but often it is a secondary asset when it comes to Local SEO.

As a business owner, you want to make sure that when someone comes to your webpage from another Local SEO asset, they land on a page that gives them the Information that they expect.

Google My Business

Google created GMB as a free asset to help storefronts be seen by potential customers. If you've ever seen your business shown on a Google Map, then you've seen your GMB. RBM believes that verifying and controlling this asset is this single most powerful marketing item a local business owner can advantage of to drive new customers.

Video Assets

Youtube is owned by Google and in the past year, Google has made efforts to show more Youtube videos in searches.

Local Business owners can take advantage of this by creating simple videos and properly tagging these videos.

Social Media

It should be no surprise that Social Media is an important part of Local SEO. After all, every social media account you have has its own unique landing page and these platforms all have their own search functions.


As a small business owner, you may looking at the list above and think that it looks great, but there's no way you can afford. Fortunately, RBM has worked for a decade with local brands and services just like you and has developed way to assist your business with the four systems above without breaking your wallet.

To do this, RBM has developed an advanced digital presence analysis that will serve as your playbook for local business marketing success. By conducting a deep dive into your business digital assets as well as three of your chosen competitors, we identify pockets of digital space where you can develop your digital presence in order to maximize your ROI. Once you own that digital space, it becomes costly for other competitors to outrank you, so with minimal effort, you can continue to be a top ranking performer in that area. 

The Digital Presence Analysis is also a great way for a new or old business to begin market research and understand competition in their area. After reading this 20 page report, you will feel confident in knowing the next steps you need to take to get more traffic in your door.

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