What is your digital presence?

A larger digital presence is like buying more billboards on the internet highway. The stronger and larger your presence, the more likely your customers are to "drive by" your signs. Fortunately, smart local business can build their digital presence in cost effective ways compared to digital marketing.

Your digital presence can be broken down into 3 major components:


Your website is the quintessential piece of your digital presence. As the only piece of your digital presence you can fully control, your webpage says a lot about your brand and your product or service. 

The backend (or the part of your website not one else sees) is just as, if not more important, to maximizing your google my presence. 

Choosing RBM will ensure that both your website will be on brand and have a backend that maximizes your digital performance.

Local Search (SEO)

Maximizing your local search is the most important marketing change you should make in 2020. To often, local businesses are focused on bad search terms (like hamburgers for a restaurant), when they should be focused on local searches (e.g., hamburgers near me) because those are searches that lead to purchases. 

Local SEO includes more than maximizing your webpage. It has elements from Google My Business and Social Media as well. Learn more about Local SEO by clicking the button below.

Social Media

I'm sure most people reading this know that social media can have a major impact on your brand and sales revenues but for a local business social media can feel overwhelming. In short, organic social media comes down to two simple principles. 

1. Choose the right platforms for you to be on. Odds are, you don't need to be on all social media platforms.  

2. Provide consistent content that rings true to your best customers.

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